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What is TRS?

TRS is a safe and simple 2-ingredient spray that eliminates heavy metals from our system. 

A nano-sized zeolite bound to a water molecule that safely cleanses toxins from both the body and mind. 

It removes toxic heavy metals like mercury, arsenic, aluminum, lead, chemical toxins, radioactive toxins and free radicals that impair our bodies and weigh down your mind.

Can cross the blood brain barrier and gets to where other detoxes can’t. 

Safely removes not only all of the above but also supports a healthy immune function, revealing our bodies fullest potential.

Simple yet very effective. 


Our Family's Journey with TRS started With our daughter Ivy. She has a beautiful testimony that I share below! 

If you want to learn more about TRS or have any questions, please reach out! 

Wanting to try TRS? Visit mckennabrook.mycoseva.com to sign up!