• Mckenna Brook

Water Play with Loose Parts

It’s all about the loose parts people! Loose parts are a lovely tool to incorporate in play! They allow our littles to create using their imagination, problem solve, and invent! Loose parts are any object that can be manipulated in multiple ways. The wonderful thing about loose parts is that they have NO direction and NO instruction. Because there is no “one way” to use loose parts, they encourage little ones to be open ended and creative with their play.

This water play activity took less than a few minutes to throw together! I used glassware to hold the water but any container/pot/bowl will do! I added some loose parts I collected from around the house: clear shower curtain rings and measuring spoons! I also threw in some of my baby girl’s favorite teethers because girlfriend was popping several teeth that day!

Done! A simple and free activity that any little one will find engaging. My little girl loved dropping the shower curtain rings in the water and picking them back up. She did this over and over and over again. She also loved clinking the measuring spoons up against the glassware, reacting in laughter to the sound it made. It’s fascinating to watch how our little ones incorporate loose parts into their play and to watch their sense of wonder as they discover ways to use them. It's simply amazing!

A friendly reminder to always supervise and to avoid using loose parts that could be a choking hazard.

Enjoy and happy playing little one!