• Mckenna Brook

Paint Sensory Bag

Simple NO MESS paint sensory bag! Baby will explore color mixing, texture, & sound through this sensory experience! Incorporating the senses into play supports learning and development for even the littlest of minds. This makes for a great activity during tummy time to keep baby engaged and little hands entertained!

Just squirt paint into a gallon bag and close tight. I used pink and white paint from the dollar store. Add as many colors as desired to mix and create new colors! It’s that simple! No-mess and not to mention affordable, a momma’s dream!

I suggest duct taping the bag to the floor to secure its place while baby explores. Make sure to supervise!

Not only is this a fun activity for your little one but it also supports fine and gross motor skills. Gross motor is coordination between big muscles of the body and fine motor is coordination between small muscles of the body. Baby is using gross motor skills while engaging the muscles of the neck, back & shoulders utilized during tummy time. Fine motor skills are developing while baby is mixing the paint with those sweet little hands and fingers.

Enjoy and happy playing little one!