• Mckenna Brook

Pinto Bean Sensory Bag

Quick & easy pinto bean sensory bag! I needed a quick activity for my little one to get her engaged until nap time because her toys were just not cutting it! I am currently cooking beans and I was inspired to use the leftovers. I grabbed a gallon bag from my cupboard, my remaining raw pinto beans and some water. Just throw a couple of handfuls of beans into a gallon bag and add about a cup of water. Add more beans and water as desired. Also, switch out beans for another material laying around the house! Loose change, almonds, even rice would be other great options!

Close bag tight and duct tape edge for added security. As always, make sure to supervise!

The pintos have a fun texture and the water adds another fun element. My babe patted, swatted, splashed with both hands and FEET. She explored this activity on her tummy as well as sitting up with a boppy pillow placed behind her.

This activity works for babies, toddlers, and even the young preschooler and can be adapted depending on age. Place on floor for babies to explore on their tummies or sitting up. Toddlers can take this to the kitchen table and let them have at it; they will naturally use different techniques while exploring this sensory bag. Encourage vocabulary while narrating your toddler as they play. The young preschooler can vocalize their observations and narrate what they observe. Ask them open ended questions about the activity to encourage further language and vocabulary development. “Tell me what you see? What does it feel like? What is happening to the beans as they soak in the water?”

There you have it! Simple, throw-it-together-in-no-time activity to keep your little one entertained.

Enjoy and happy learning little one!