• Mckenna Brook

Lazy Lady Lactation Cookies

As a Lactation Consultant I have come to find that two words are the cause of worry in most mommas. Breastmilk Supply. “Am I making enough?” To the momma who feels she isn’t making enough milk and therefore feels all the feelings: I have been in your shoes and boy oh boy do I have a recipe for you.

So here’s the deal, I found this lactation cookie recipe that I adored.. the cookies were yummy and they helped boost my milk supply. Really no complaints other than the fact that they took FOREVER to make. I’m talking an hour start to finish here. Ain’t no momma with a nursing baby got time for that!

That’s when I modified the recipe and created the Lazy Lady version of these lactation cookies. They take tops 10 minutes to make and use 6 ingredients. Ok so they may not be the healthiest but BOY. Do they work. You’re milk will be flowing with this simplistic lactation cookie recipe.

The key players for boosting milk supply.

FLAXSEED MEAL • I love Bob’s Red Mill brand! It was tricky to find but I ended up picking it up at our local Sprouts market. It’s also available on amazon linked HERE.

BREWER'S YEAST • Not to be confused with nutritional yeast. Another tricky item to hunt down but Sprouts market had it in stock! This is the NOW brand which is one of my favorites for many products. Also available on Amazon linked HERE.

ROLLED OATS • Any rolled oats will work! I use the Walmart brand and they work great.

These milk boosting ingredients are galactagogues (food that naturally increase breastmilk) and in combination will keep your girls full. Upfront you are spending some money on these ingredients, specifically the flaxseed and brewer's yeast, however the amount of cookies you will make from these ingredients is cost efficient. Cheaper than purchasing those fancy pre-made lactation cookies, trust me!


1 pack of Betty Crockers chocolate chip cookie mix

1 stick of butter • soft

2 eggs (the cookie mix calls for 1, but we need 2)

Flaxseed • 2 tablespoons

Brewer’s Yeast • 1/4 cup

Rolled oats • 2 cups


Preheat oven to 375. Mix the eggs and butter together then add in all the dry ingredients. Take a spoonful of dough, make a ball and lay them out on a buttered cookie sheet. Bake them in the oven for 10 to 12 minutes and DONE! Quick and easy; 20 minutes from start to finish.

I decided on the Betty Crocker cookie mix but any other cookie mix should work as well. Just add the Flaxseed, Brewer's Yeast and Rolled Oats with the extra egg.

They may not be the healthiest but momma, they are truly a simple time saver. More importantly, they WORK. You honestly may have to watch how many you eat not only because they are yummy (I admit to eating a full cookie sheets worth one night) but if you are like me, they can result in an over abundance of milk. Sometimes just as big an issue as undersupply in my experience!

I hope this Lazy Lady Lactation Cookie recipe will provide you with more time snuggling your precious babe instead of slaving in the kitchen baking. Also, flowing rivers of breastmilk!

I want to add that if you are truly concerned with your milk supply please reach out to a local Lactation Consultant. This will truly be your best resource in figuring out a plan for you and baby. For questions about milk supply, feel free to reach out! As a momma who has been on both spectrums of milk supply, from not enough to too much milk, I can offer you all my tips and encouragement. You got this!

What a gift you are giving your baby, at any amount. You are simply amazing.