• Mckenna Brook

Instant Potato Play

On your next shopping trip pick up a bag of instant potatoes! I know what you are thinking. They aren't the yummiest or healthiest by any means, BUT they make for a fun sensory experience for your little one! Such an easy and affordable activity that has a similar feel to moon sand, only an edible version! (it’s inevitable right?)

It’s as simple as adding water and mixing until fluffy! I put the mixture into a glass dish and added some measuring spoons on the side for extra exploring! Check out my blog post on loose parts to learn about why they are a valuable addition to play!

My baby girl dug right in to this sensory experience. Literally dug right in. She grabbed by the fistful, squishing together imperfect potato snowballs. Then she realized the other fascinating objects to use, measuring spoons! She mixed away, quite the young chef, and as every good chef does, she snuck a little taste... what can I say, girlfriend is a foodie.

To my surprise she stayed engaged in play for longer than I expected, a full 25 minutes! I count this one as a big win in my books!

Hope this little sensory activity encouraged you to think outside of the box when it comes to play. Sensory activities are all around us, and they don’t have to cost a pretty penny. Who knew instant potatoes could be such a hit!

As always, make sure to supervise.

Enjoy and happy playing little one!