• Mckenna Brook

How TRS, A Safe Heavy Metal Detox, Helped My Daughter’s Developmental Delay & Beyond

Our Why

It is my joy to share my daughter’s Heavy Metal Detox journey with TRS. This safe and simple detox has blessed my girl and her development beyond measure. Specifically improving her gross motor development delay. For those who are unfamiliar, Gross Motor are those movements that use big muscles such as the arms, legs, and torso. Rolling over, crawling, and walking are just some examples of gross motor movement. TRS not only healed Ivy but gave her a confidence in herself because of the skills she gained through the detox. My mama heart could not be more grateful. I cannot express enough my love for this product My hope in sharing Ivy’s testimony is that it blesses another family in their journey towards healing, whatever that may be. I will be sharing Ivy’s gains over the past three months on TRS. Specifically focusing on her gross motor delay and how TRS helped.

What is TRS?

· TRS is a safe and simple 2-ingredient spray that eliminates heavy metals from our system.

· A nano-sized zeolite bound to a water molecule that safely cleanses toxins from both the body and mind.

· It removes toxic heavy metals like mercury, arsenic, aluminum, lead, chemical toxins, radioactive toxins and free radicals that impair our bodies and weigh down your mind.

· Can cross the blood brain barrier and gets to where other detoxes can’t.

· Safely removes not only all of the above but also supports a healthy immune function, revealing our bodies fullest potential.

· Simple yet very effective.

What amazes me most about TRS is the countless testimonies of those it has healed. Because TRS removes the root of the issue that impedes true healing, it is not like other temporary solutions that only put a band aid over the problem. It is a true healer, and exactly what my daughter needed.

Ivy’s Gains: Ivy received 1 spray a night under her tongue for 3 months.

A Little Background

Before I jump into Ivy’s gross motor gains, I wanted to provide some background prior to her detox.

Ivy was born a healthy baby girl with no issues. She hit all her milestones within range (with the exception of crawling). She gained weight well and was what her doctor called perfectly healthy. Ivy was vaccinated on a delayed schedule up until 6 months of age. Due to some reactions that we were not comfortable with, our family decided to discontinue all vaccinations. Although I am not against vaccines, we firmly believe they were doing more harm to our girl than good based on her noted reactions and regressions. As a big believer in medical freedom, I support a family’s choice when choosing to vaccinate or not. All vaccines are not equal, each is a choice, and each family has a unique risk profile. Health care is not one size fits all and vaccines should not be any different. Ultimately, we made our decision based on what we knew in our gut was right for us.

Ivy's Gross Motor Delay

I first started to worry about the trajectory of Ivy’s gross motor development when her movements just seemed off. Although she was hitting her milestones, (minus the crawling) my intuition was telling me something wasn’t right. Ivy rarely got on her hands and knees to crawl and the times she attempted; her legs gave out instantly. Her legs would splay out like a frog. When I pointed this out to her doctor at 8 months of age, there was no concern because “there was still time” and although this was true, the mama instinct in me was telling me otherwise.

When Ivy was still not crawling or using any mode of transportation at her 12-month appointment, her doctor still was not concerned. He predicted she would skip crawling and go straight to walking and reassured me that nothing was wrong. His reassurance didn’t settle me, and I didn’t want to “wait and see.” I knew I needed to start advocating harder for Ivy. So, I looked elsewhere for more opinions. Unfortunately, timing was not on our side. This search was at the very start of Coronavirus lockdowns and no PTs & OTs were seeing patients at all. We found ourselves at a standstill. I continued to pray and trust that God would guide us to the correct path. Still very much listening to the tugs at my heart to get her help.

The video below is Ivy attempting to crawl at 14 months old. Note her frustration.

Walking At 14 Months

To our surprise, Ivy took her first steps at 14 months old. We were thrilled!

Prior to these first steps she had no other mode of transportation. She still had never crawled, scooted, cruised on furniture, pulled herself up in her crib or stood up to stand on her own. When Ivy fell to the ground, she would cry out for us to help her up. We watched Ivy struggle in hopes she would figure it out. The truth was, she physically could not. My husband and I were constantly helping her back up on her feet so she could carry on walking. It was exhausting. We desperately kept looking for help as I knew this was not normal.

Physical Therapy Evaluation

Ivy was finally able to get a physical therapy evaluation at 16 months old. Low tone was noted however, her gross motor delay wasn’t significant enough to qualify her for physical therapy. The therapist sent us off with not much more than a good luck. We felt defeated.

We didn’t stop there. Ivy was seen by several therapists that couldn’t explain her ability to walk but not stand herself up or pull up on furniture. She had everyone stumped. We got the same results of a delay but not significant enough. We felt defeated yet again.

Starting TRS

When Ivy was 17 months old, I discovered TRS. I started researching more in depth about gross motor delay in hopes to determine a possible root cause. This led me to the link of possible gross motor delay with heavy metal toxicity. As I researched more, I put two and two together. Could Ivy be struggling with heavy metal toxicity? Is her little body trying its hardest and just needs some assistance? After researching more about TRS and talking with her new doctor, we decided to start detoxing Ivy. Ivy recieved 1 spray every night before bed as recommended.

Two Weeks into the Detox

Two weeks into the detox, Ivy pulled herself up in her crib for the first time. I fell to my knees crying. This was TWO WEEKS into her detox. I will never forget the look of accomplishment on the smile plastered across her face. This was just the start.

A couple days later, Ivy was sitting on my lap and she just stood up. Seems so simple, I know. But this was huge for us. She had NEVER done this before. I was amazed. She progressed from standing up from my lap to standing up completely on her own from the floor. These first two weeks brought so many happy tears. My baby girl is able to get around with the independence she always desired while also gaining confidence in herself. This meant everything to us.

One Month into the Detox

By 18 months old, ONE MONTH into the detox, Ivy was overall maneuvering her body with more ease. Squatting down, stooping, standing and pulling herself up on her own. Then, the most amazing thing happened. Ivy started CRAWLING. She crawled across the playroom and I was in disbelief. The baby that just “wasn’t interested in crawling and probably won’t ever” CRAWLED. She crawled with that same look of accomplishment. As if she was saying, “Look what I finally can do mama!” It wasn’t the fact that she absolutely needed to crawl (although there is great research on its benefits) but the pure look of happiness on Ivy’s face when she realized she COULD crawl. That her legs would no longer give out on her as they did only a couple weeks prior.

Month Three into the Detox

Ivy is now 20 months old and just finished month three of TRS. She continues to progress with her gross motor skills! She has a newfound love for running, twirling, walking up the stairs with the railing and jumping. A true night and day difference.

There is not one doubt in our minds that TRS is the reason Ivy took off with her gross motor development. What I know now is Ivy was struggling with the heavy metals trapped in her body that were literally holding her back and keeping her from her healthiest potential. We were able to find the root cause of her struggle and healed it. This product has blessed my baby girl and our family beyond measure and continues to do so. I am currently one month into my own detox journey with TRS! Below I have created a timeline of Ivy’s gross motor development according to her age and month 1 through 3 of her detox.

How To Try TRS

By the grace of God, we found TRS. I now feel led to share this life changing product with others in hopes for healing. If sharing Ivy’s testimony can bless just one family like it did ours, my heart will be so full.

If you are wanting to learn more about TRS, please feel free to contact me with any questions. I am so happy to help in any way I can. You can also message me on my Instagram @myholistichome.trs

If you are ready to jump in, visit mckennabrook.mycoseva.com to sign up and order.

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I pray this reaches someone who needs it just as much as our daughter did. Blessings from our family to yours!

with love,