• Mckenna Brook

Crinkle Static Sensory Bag

Crinkle static sensory bag! What is this you say? Inside this gallon bag are tiny multicolored foam balls that are a true dollar store find. This simple sensory bag took less than a minute to assemble. One pack of the colorful foam balls (found in the craft section of the Dollar Tree) dumped into a gallon bag and done! Make sure to seal the bag tight. I also folded the top seal portion over and stapled the edges for added security! Duct tape would also do the trick. As always, make sure to supervise!

My little one absolutely adores the crinkle sound this sensory bag makes. She discovered multiple ways to create the crinkle sound using her hands and feet (Yay fine & gross motor skills)! Girlfriend shook, stomped, pinched, and hit the heck out of this bag! The foam balls inside also provide a fun, airy texture and static when rubbed together. The multicolor balls are eye catching and remind me of my favorite candy, mini chewy SweeTarts!

Overall this was a hit with my babe and not to mention simple and affordable to make!

Enjoy and happy playing little one!